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Students can use our Course Schedule Search to review up-to-date information about course offerings and availability. You can also use this search to find textbook information about LSSC courses.

Course Types

Traditional Online Courses
An online course with no scheduled meeting times and students complete work individually.

Real-Time Online Courses
An online course that requires student attendance at virtual class meetings designated on the course schedule and in the syllabus.

Hybrid Courses
A hybrid class blends online and face-to-face on-campus delivery of the course content and instruction. A substantial proportion of the content is delivered online.

On-Campus, Fully Seated
Course content and instruction is delivered in-person on campus.

How do I identify different course types?

  • Search by Instructional Method:  Using the course schedule search, you can search by online, hybrid, or fully seated course type to see only courses of that type.
  • Traditional vs Real-Time Online:  Traditional online courses have no building or room number listed in the course schedule search. Real-Time Online courses will have meeting days and times listed.
  • Hybrid & Fully Seated:  These courses will have a building, room number, meeting days, and times listed on the course schedule search. The syllabus provided by your instructor will provide additional details on required course meetings.

Registering for Classes in myLSSC

Students should use myLSSC to register for classes.

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